Hi, My name is Codee. I am Congenital Rubella Syndrome warrior. This means I am visually impaired, need to use a wheelchair and have many other limitations. But that doesn't stop me from living my life.

Through blogs, photography and videos, I will show you the world through my eyes. I want to try to show you what it's like to get through the daily challenges I have to face.

My world is not a depressing place. Here you'll be able to learn about my hobby's and interests. If you want to, you can also learn Dutch. My second language.

I don't suffer from Congenital Rubella Syndrome. It suffers from me! 




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WheelieCodee What does life through #filterglasses look like? Well, in my case, very yellow. But no headache… https://t.co/RQY4Q6p7Y7
WheelieCodee RT @DoorMijnLens: Nou lekker dan @VolgDronten passen ze de #bustijden aan #vervalt onze #halte en ook alleen voor de werkende mensen #wijst
WheelieCodee @passendlezen Leuke nieuwbrief die zegt dat jullie bij de #ZieZoBeurs staan. Ik heb jullie daar ook gezien. Nieuwsbrief iets te laat binnen.
WheelieCodee RT @TheCRSWarrior: Those with #disability should also have the #freedom to chose where they live and go on #vacation. https://t.co/Jp7BN3Nu